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Elektrobau Süd


Film-Connexion 3D animation for Elektrobau Süd

3D animations or motion graphics are popular elements for an image video, a productive deodorant or an industrial film. In this 3D animation, a „plastic kit“ is dynamically set in motion for the Berlin company „Elekrobau-Süd“, as many have known since childhood. The result is a movement graphic that shows the Berlin company „Elektrobau-Süd“. The individual parts of the „kit“ are broken out of the frame as if by magic and begin with their craft. Including insulation pliers, rotary hammer and multimeter. Elektrobau Süd GmbH Berlin employs around 38 industrial and 7 technical and commercial employees. Sales in 2010 are already EUR 4.1 million and the trend is increasing. As a professional partner for modern building technology, Elektrobau-Süd has proven its competence and reliability with high and low current systems, security technology and passive data networks for many years. From customer advice to the planning and execution of commercial, industrial and residential complexes to maintenance, the company implements the wishes of customers with specialist knowledge and reliability.